Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why Jordin Sparks Will Win Idol Tonight

Last night's Idol was Jordin's time to sparkle. Our precious Jorbacca will win Idol tonight because:

1. While Blake sang progressively worse, she sang progressively better (the last performance generally lingers in voters).

2. Blake didn't want to win he didn't have the fire and he chose to sing first (the loser usually sings first).

3. DialIdol, who picked Hicks for last year's win, puts Jordin in the top spot.

4. Jordin's rendition of the Idol single 'This Is My Now' was flawless (Blake's was almost unbearable to listen to).

5. She broke down into a waterfall of tears after the peformance (empathetic voters will have eaten this up).

Is there a Jordin Sparks Conspiracy to win?

Jordin knew Simon before she auditioned! Yes!

This clip features Jorbacca crying after peforming the Idol single 'This Is My Now' last night. The tears disappear when the playback is aired at the end of the show.
I know they take footage from the dress rehearsal, but producers are blatantly pulling the edit job to help Jordin secure the win. Aww, we have to vote for Jorbacca because she's only 17 and CRIED.



Anonymous said...

Jordin FTW!

Anonymous said...

you were right :)

Tim said...

The producers will turn her into a hit-maker. The season has been so underwhelming.