Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Veronica Mars vs. DWTS vs. House

Tuesday night television showdown! I don't have TiVo, I only have a TV and remote. I will be glued to FOX during Idol at 8pm, but at 9pm Veronica Mars is back, Billy Ray Cyrus is getting booted from DWTS, and House is going to convince me I have some rare foreign disease! What is a TV Addict to do?

I have to go Veronica, she's been gone for so long! I started watching VM in Australia, yes they love her over there, and she's so smart and sassy, who wouldn't? I can wait on watching House, I'm sure the same episode will be repeated tomorrow.

Latin night on DWTS was actually dramatic, the only entertaining night since Heather Mills danced her leg off the show. Billy Ray Cyrus went off on Bruno the judge and told him to take class on how to be a 'southern gentlemen'. But Bruno was telling the truth, Billy Ray dances like he's getting it on with his partner 'in the back of a Chevy'.

Olympic Gold Medal winning speed skater and his partner Julianne Hough are the team to beat on DWTS. This is one of the best American DWTS performances, I have ever seen, they finally stepped it up. The Stars are usually all over the place doing the Paso Doble, but they are so feeling the beat! Anton is champ, and with Julianne they are cute powerhouse dancing machine. Check it out.

Yours Truly, Tim

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