Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Starcraft 2 Developers Walkthrough

Heres a new surprise from l0lCat, shortly after Blizzard stopped toying with our hearts and announced Starcraft 2 as an official project, videos and new information is popping up left and right. The Starcraft 2 site has a few new videos on it. Here is a series of a game play walk through by one of the Developers. 4 videos after the jump about 20 minutes total.

The developer shows off the combat and some new units and new abilities in the Protoss Camp. I'm sure the Zerg & Terran races will have more interactive info on the website as time passes. Everythings looking really good to me. In the mean time Check out the vids.

I hope I can be in ur base, killing ur d00dzsoon. I started playing broodwars again, Meet me on battlenet!


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