Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spiderman 3 PS2 Version Review

I recently Gamefly-ed Spiderman 3 for PS2. I put an hour on the game, and I thought it was just O.K., I would really rather get on the PS3 or Xbox360 version (1&2 for PS2 were pretty good in my opinion).

After an hour of bad graphics, pointless missions, and unnecessary time fillers, poor and unresponsive controls, I turned off the game with intentions to return the following day.

I intend to beat it . . . and hey, I think it plays better than Ghost Rider.

It seems that less time was taken on Spiderman 3 for Ps2, but thats only because its a dumbed down version for a last-generation console and more concentration and effort was placed on the Ps3, Wii, Xbox360, & PC versions

While playing I encountered some cons, but despite that the game was entertaining and enjoyable, my love for Spiderman outweighed the cons. Heres what I found wrong.

Well...on my first metropolitan wall crawl I experienced a glitch. My Spidey was up to his elbows in well... ummm wall. Glitching through things makes the whole thing less realistic.

Textures maps dont look too good up close! Building detail isn't the only thing thats wiggity wiggity whack (word to criss cross), peoples faces in the render-ware graphics look like your living with super myopia!

The controls arent too friendly, I wanted to swing my controller & smash it like God of War every time I try to stick to a building but accidentally bump off or end up running all the way down the side of the building 20 stories ending up on the sidewalk.

The fighting combos and just the fighting in general is so standard and simple, and un-responsive at times too. The same button sequence is pressed to do combos, if you try to go outside of lets say "Square, Square, Triangle" by pressing "Square, Triangle, Square" Spidy will throw two punches and break the combo when you press the final square, leaving you standing still to get hit.

Good thing the enemies are so easy (too easy?), so easy, Its un-rewarding.
I guess I'll turn the difficulty to super hero instead of hero.

It feels like a remake of the N64 version. Very similar story and the usual suspects. (Reptile Doc Conners, random lizard men, Morbious, Kraven, Sandman, Venom, & hella street thugs).

The missions/time-fillers that your hero will embark on are way too similar. Its repetitive like: Hero swings across city, hero sees bad guys, hero whoops em' up good, gets an object, takes said object to police man in street clothes, police man gives Spidey health that you dont really need.

I give it a 4 out of 10. I'm glad theres a Ps3 & Xbox 360 version to enjoy. Im sure I'll have fun playing through the rest of this game though. The negatives are easily overcome and are bearable.

I'll give a recap when I beat the game, let me know what you thought about any of the spiderman games or movies.