Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sith Rules at Star Wars Celebration IV

aka. C-4

I went to C-4 over the weekend. I went with 6 friends and had a great time just looking at all the fans dressed in costumes. The lectures were great. We saw AnthonyDaniels, Peter Mayhew and others. Seth Green showed a sneek peek of the Robot Chicken Star Wars special that will be on Cartoon Network June 17. They will have a full half hour of Star Wars parody!. There was actually too many things to see in one day. Charles Ross entertained us with the one man Star Wars Trilogy in 30 min, a lightspeed adventure! You could also help build an ewok village diorama. I hope they have C-5 next time in Los Angeles, If you live in the SoCal area you should definitely go next time..

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