Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Simon Cowell To Paris: "Stay With Me For 45 Days"

Simon Cowell insists Paris Hilton's upcoming jail sentence for violating her probation for driving on a suspended license won't hinder her career, because the socialite is a 'survivor'. Cowell admits he is sympathetic for the celeb-turn-criminal, who is scheduled to begin a 45-day jail sentence (which could be reduced to at least 23 days) by June 5.

He says:
"I feel a bit sorry for Paris to be honest with you. Does she deserve to go to jail? No, I don't think so. But she's a survivor.

I'm not condoning what she did and I think she knows she made a mistake, but there's worse things in the world and I just feel a bit sorry for her.

She can come and stay with me for 45 days."

So many lucrative advantages, besides the opportunity to move in with Simon Cowell, will follow her time in jail. She will be branded as a suvivor, will become internally stronger, will receive an over the top amount of publicity (especially from sympathetic celebs like Cowell).

And more than likely Paris will write a book about jail, film a prison reality tv series, have a jail photo shoot (with handcuffs and all), and start a school for underprivileged teens who might go to jail one day.
Getting arrested and earning that cruel sentence was the best possible thing she could do for her career. She is even on Britney's natural roots again for the most searched person online.

The Bible, Hollywood's Hottest Summer Accessory.



Anonymous said...

She can read!?!?

Tim said...

Paris the nun.