Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Signs Demand Your Money For The Homeless

Toronto Canada, Mark Daye of Ontario College of Art and Design created official looking street signs with suggestive messages like this:

"Homeless warming grate. Please keep clear." "Please have change ready for the homeless." "Homelessness has nothing to do with lack of shelter."
Daye put his signs up around Toronto city. His motive was to spark awareness of the homeless situation. The city didn't like this, and started taking down the signs on-sight.

The city thinks that suggestive signs should not be allowed to be displayed, and the locations he is placing the signs in is strictly for roadway laws for motorists. I agree with the latter.

Daye argues that if the city takes his signs down, then they should also take down advertisements for companies and products. Companies pay for their billboard spots though, no contest with that.

I am all for creative freedom/ freedom of speech, and the idea that Art is Art, but there are laws that you have to abide by.

Aside from Toronto though, my city Los Angeles, California is contradictorily home to thousands of homeless people. Interacting with panhandlers is an everyday thing in LA. I see homeless people everywhere I go, on my way home, leaving Groupster HQ, even while playing Frisbee on the beach.

With me being the semi-spiffy dressing cat that I am, I am always hit-up for "spare change" & out of sympathy, I oblige from time to time, giving some of my spare change if I have some, but only once per homeless person who gives me an o.k. vibe.

So in my opinion these signs could go anywhere in Los Angeles.

Sadly Daye will be silenced on the streets, but there are lots of pics of the signs on the internet. Toronto city is treating him like a tagger. Its alright Daye, even Banksy's work gets covered.



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Just another reason to only use a debit card!

Tim said...
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