Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shrek The Third's Number One Weekend: Thanks Melinda Shreklittle

Shrek The Third took in $121,629,270 in box office this weekend bestowing our favorite green orge with the number one spot! I think someone named Melinda Doolittle deserves a Thank You card. S3 out-performed Spider-Man 3 and 28 Weeks Later, the trilogy's highest opening yet. A fabulous addition to Melinda and Shrek's May Mayhem accomplisments.

Melinda Shreklittle has been hitting the talk show circuit with a myriad of performances and Shrek is pretty much everywhere you look. For some Melinda Shreklittle rhythm, watch the clip.



Anonymous said...

I saw Shrek The Third, It was soo funny. She does kind of look like him.

Anonymous said...

shrek <3

Tim said...

I liked her more after she got booted.