Monday, May 21, 2007

She mutitlated childs genitals!

She’s accused of mutilating her own baby’s genitals.

Now those closest to 25-year-old Katherine Nadal are trying to face the unspeakable reality of what happened to her family.

In the small city of Anahuac, one of the oldest communities in Texas, residents seem to know everyone.

That’s why a sense of disbelief has invaded every sale at the Sunrise Grocery since news of what happened to Katherine Nadal’s baby boy came to town.

“Because I know the young lady, and just hurt me so bad to hear what happened,” longtime clerk Kathy Henderson said.

It remains a mystery to many in Anahuac how Nadal, who graduated from Anahuac High School in 1999, could go from honor student to inmate in such a short time.

Those who know her said she’s a “good girl,” but nonetheless Nadal stands accused of cutting her three-month-old son’s genitals off and blaming it on the family dog.

“Katie was smart, we had class together. Good athlete. Good cheerleader,” a friend said.

Friends also said Nadal was a natural-born leader who took center stage during games and often drew the most attention.

And she’s still drawing attention, just now it’s in ways the people in Anahuac never imagined.

Nadal had spent some time in drug rehab prior to the incident and had tested positive for cocaine the day after the offense.

She was leading a lifestyle even some of her closest friends were unaware of.

“But I guess when you get on drugs, or whatever, I guess things change,” one friend said.

Things change, and so do people – Sometimes in the most shocking fashion.


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