Friday, May 11, 2007

Scottish girl PWND by Nintendo DS! LOL

11-year-old Scottish girl Khloe Leslie took offense when her copy of Animal Crossing for her Nintendo DS called her a "F-ing Cow".

But who can you blame when your the one who typed it in the first place?

As Kotaku put it, she was "PWNED by Animal Crossing", but as you can see the little girl probably input the text herself.

Look at the screen shot, the character says "I think calling someone F-ing COW is kind of harsh" The name is in all caps and highlighted blue. Games like Animal Crossing let you input names of characters and repeats it back to you, and Animal Crossing seems to recognize profanity seeing that it felt it kind of "harsh".

I think the girl found the profanity quite humorous, but showed it to her mom because she knew it was wrong. Her mom then took this to the news and it ballooned all because her daughter decided to blame her foul choice of words on the video game.

Next thing you know, little Khloe will be starting wildfires, doing drugs and stealing video games to type cuss words into. It seems to me that we have a problem child, nip that in the bud, send her to boot camp! (kidding)


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