Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sanjaya Loves Melinda Shreklittle

Melinda, Jordin, or Blake: Who will be tonight's Idol cast-off? Jordin and MelShrek sang songs they already performed, which is a cop out, how boring. The finalists nothing in common, so votes came in ALL directions. Blake should go through to the finals because he put himself out on the edge, his performance of Robin Thicke's 'When I Get You Alone' peaked the night. Either way, Sanjaya is sure to stand by his girl MelShrek.

Last night's best performances under the cut.

Melshrek 'I Believe In You And Me'

Blake 'When I Get You Alone'

Jordin 'I Who Have Nothing'

And for old times sake..



Anonymous said...

omg her face?! lmao

Anonymous said...

shrek is DONE!

Anonymous said...

idol is rigged!

Tim said...

It was Shrek's time to go. It coincides with the release of Shrek The Third a little too well.. hmmm