Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pumpkin Headed Paula

Last Friday, Paula Abdul was hawking pieces from her jewelry line on QVC, but couldn't grasp the fact that she was on television. Similar to how she is on Idol (a mixture of pills and alcohol).. especially how she claps her hands. Paula insisted that her face was round and when her hair is pulled back, she 'looks like a pumpkin'. The co-host kept disagreeing with her, but I think Paula does resemble a Jack-O-Lantern.

I love when she's hiding behind the flowers and says, 'I swear I’m over here. I’m creating my own..' then finishes the sentence by making noises, waving her arms, and ranting 'Hi everyone, it’s my anniversary!' Her nonsense is amazing, I wish she took her crazy pills more, she makes too much sense most of the time on Idol. Here is Paula on Good Day Live. I thought Dorothy and Jillian were crazy but..

'Good Morning Everybody!' Paula on FOX News blabbering about this season's Seattle contestants. What do you think she's on? I don't think she's drunk, I think it's a mixture of pills and maybe vodka. She's so content and happy, Clonarazepam, she definitely on some major anxiety medication.

Yours Truly, Tim


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Cha Cha said...

i think she smokes crack

modemlooper said...

straight up!