Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prince Harry's Secret Iraq War Role

Prince Harry still wants to serve on Iraq's frontline and hopes Army chiefs will approve a secret low-profile mission over the summer. The third in line to the throne is said to be bruised and humiliated by the sudden cancellation of his deployment to Iraq because of plots to assassinate or kidnap him.

The 22-year-old Prince has told friends he still hopes to be sent to Iraq in secret, enabling him to join part of his Regiment's six-month tour of duty. Defence chiefs are considering to fly Harry out to remote desert areas without any announcement in the hope of keeping his mission quiet and only confirming it after the Prince is safely back in the UK.

But maintaining such secrecy will be difficult, insiders acknowledge, and Harry's hopes may come to nothing.

An alternative plan is to dispatch him to another country altogether for the summer as a staff officer on one of Britain's United Nations operations, from Sierra Leone to Cyprus or Sudan. That would at least keep Harry usefully occupied and out of the limelight while his men are serving in southern Iraq, but would still leave him frustrated at not being with them on the frontline.

According to sources close to Harry, he has been told the decision to block his deployment is based on the current threat assessment, which could change in the coming months.

via[The Daily Mail]


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