Monday, May 14, 2007

Paris Hilton Jesus Freak

Will the Lord save Paris Hilton from jail? Well, he has 20 days left to 'Free Paris'. Lawyers told her to clean up her act in an attempt to evade jail. Paris is “living like a nun”, reports Female First.

Paris, 26, has told friends she is quitting alcohol and partying and has replaced her skimpy outfits with a new demure look. A friend of the socialite’s told Britain’s The Sun newspaper:

“Paris’ attorneys have insisted she live like a nun. She has been strictly advised to stop acting like a Hollywood brat and appear more humble as they battle to keep her out of jail.

“They have ordered her to show a judge she has some humility and social responsibility if she is going to have her sentence reduced on appeal. That means no booze, no parading round in skimpy outfits, no partying. She’s got to stick with her family and take on a healthier regime.”
Please keep Paris in your prayers. Amen.

via[Female First]


Anonymous said...

no, she sucks

Anonymous said...

when shes on her knees...praying

Tim said...

She is so demure. AHAHA.

Anonymous said...

umm church isn't going to save her infected soul

Anonymous said...

Britney for President!