Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Michael Moore Violates US Trade Embargo With Cuba?

CNN reports that Michael Moore, while filming of his documentary Sicko (which revels in the pitfalls of US Heathcare), violated the US trade embargo with Cuba by flying Americans into Cuba to get free healthcare treatment.

Michael definitely knows how to stir up controversy. As biased as his movies are, we need his watch dog persona while conservative control is peaking in the US. Healthcare costs in the US are astronomical. When I lived in Australia and England I could get doctor appointments at a moments notice, and prescription drugs were available at super low costs right from my primary care physician. You can't afford to get sick in the US.

Watch this clip for the full story.

Click here for the Sicko Trailer



Anonymous said...


modemlooper said...

Its all for publicity. The documentary comes out soon. He could have went anywhere but I think his point will be that even cuba has better healthcare. We are the only 1st world country on this rock that doesnt have health care for everyone and lets pharma companies charge huge amounts for life saving drugs. Vote for Hillary this time and she will make it happen.

Tim said...

I'm so voting for Hilary. I'm interested to see how the country will act towards a female president.