Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Melinda Shrek's Simon-Sized Ego Lands On Leno

Melinda Doolittle aka Melinda Shrek, Melshrek, Shreklinda, Melinda Shreklittle,and Melinda DoShrek, told Jay Leno she auditioned for Idol with her friends so she could see the 'funny people' audition.

So her sole purpose for going on Idol was
to 'enjoy' the funny people as she said?

Well, now we know why Simon likes her so much, because she is just like him. Her inner-Simon Ego has finally come out. She just couldn't hold up her modest act anymore. It's a shame for her that her true ego came out before the finals. This will probably give Jordin the upperhand.

Melshrek also mentioned that she read comments about her looking like Shrek. So she auditioned to watch the 'funny people', yet she is hurt by the comments that she looks like a funny person. At least Antonella Barba owned her scandalous pictures and bad publicity. I would totally go buy Playboy in her debut. I never trusted Melinda, and her Leno appearance just proves she's masking her ego and downplaying her experience.

So what is everyone searching about our Idol Top 3. The Top 2 for each below, so unbelievably appropriate.

1. Blake Lewis Shirtless
2. Blake Lewis Gay

1. Jordin Sparks Father
2. Jordin Sparks Height

1. Melinda Doolittle Neck
2. Melinda Doolittle Shrek

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Joe said...

She scares me.

Tim said...

Her no-neck is considered sexy in some tribes in northern Siberia.