Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lloyd's of London To Insure Prison-Bound Paris' Body?

Is Prison-bound Paris Hilton going to insure her body before being locked up with blond-hungry female criminals? She loves rocking the hand cuff hang bag, but she better be careful when they're around her wrists, because in prison.. Paris is nothing.

Page Six spoke to Natalia McLennan, a former high-priced prostitute who served 26 days at New York's notorious Rikers Island Prison, who tells the heiress:

"It's the worst experience of your life."
Among the indignities Paris will have to endure, says Natalia, are a full-body cavity search, being ogled by lesbian inmates, and 'disgusting food'. On the bright side, it will give her a chance to diet. Nicole Richie is winning the I'm The Skinniest Starlet Contest.
"She'll want to make at least one good friend, like a Nicole Richie, to watch her back for her when she takes a shower."
Nicole Richie would so smack those bitches up for chatting up Paris (Huh?). Sources says Paris is looking for an Agency to insure her from the potential effects of the prison-life atrocities. I can't imagine Lloyd's of London insuring Paris, I can't imagine any Insurance Agency insuring her. It would be like insuring Britney's hair.. today. What a brilliant train wreck.



Anonymous said...

why would they insure trash?

Anonymous said...

she looks sexy, i like the cuff purse :)

Anonymous said...

Have you read her diary?

Tim said...

Jail fashion is so in this season.