Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jordin Won The Title, But Margaret Fowler Won Our Hearts

Last night's Idol finale was sparkling spectacle. Most importantly our favorite Atlanta, Georgian Margaret 'Big Bird' Fowler won The Golden Idol for Best Performance (in Idol auditions). Obviously, Jordin won the Idol crown, no one saw that coming. For Margaret's award-winning performance and Idol finale excitement, read more.

Margaret Fowler's award-winning performance. Legendary.

In this Idol finale clip, Sanjaya performs with Steven Perry from Aerosmith and Ashlee (Sanjaya's number one blubbering fan) burst out into tears again with Margaret Fowler dancing behind her. Sanjaya to replace Steven Tyler?
This was the only part of the show that topped Margaret Fowler's award because Aerosmith performing with Sanjaya is the ultimate downgrade.

Here is Jordin 'Jorbacca' Sparks singing the new Idol single 'This Is My Now' after the win.
This sounds like every other horrible Idol single, and the traditional whimper at the end of Jordin's performance is identical to Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson's final peformance. The most important thing to take from this night is that Margaret Fowler is a star.

What does Melinda think about it all?



Anonymous said...

If Fantasia can do broadway....maybe Margret can play big bird on ice!

Tim said...

Perfect. I think she should have her own show, she has such a come hither walk.