Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is Katie 'Jordan' Price More Than Just A D-Cup?

Who is the real Katie Price? Aka Jordan, Katie is one of the most photographed notorious celebrities in Britain. The former Page 3 girl has matured into a dynamic supermodel and TV personality. Jordan's life story and world-renowned workout video under the cut.

The Brighton, England native and top glamour model since 16, was an instant hit as a Page 3 girl (a topless newspaper model). She auditioned for Baywatch in 1998, but failed to make the cut. Behind the glamorous party girl Jordan is Katie Price who started off as a single mother and now an accomplished horse rider who is more at home in her denim pants than posing in her G-string.

The voluptuous model had 3 operations that boosted her cup size from a B to D. Playboy magazine immediately showed the world her new dimensions, even spent 3 weeks with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion!

In October 2006, an article was published in The Daily Mail called Britain's Richest celebrity chavs. Price and her husband Peter Andre were ranked at #2, second only to David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. The piece claimed that with an estimated fortune of £30million and rising, Price currently stands as one of the richest women in Britain. Price and Andre married in September 2005 after meeting of the TV show Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Katie recently became Loaded magazine`s Cover Girl of the Decade and topped the readers list of the world's 100 most wanted women. You can watch her reality TV show on E! every Saturday afternoon. I'm sure we will seeing a lot more of her talent in the US in the coming months.



Anonymous said...


Autumn said...

she is HOT!

Tim said...

Yes, Posh is fabulous, but they are totally going to be BFF when Jordan and Peter move here. It's Hollywood destiny.

Anonymous said...

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