Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I hate crocs dot com

I told you last week Groupsters, I dont like Crocs. I'm all Nike baby. My naked feet are empty billboards specifically designated for the swoosh sign or a Jumpman logo. I dont mean to sound so branded, so one day I will let a pair of Adidas, Reboks, Vans, Chuck Taylor All Stars, and who knows what else to caress my walking oxymoron of what I called flatfooted arches, but For now I only own Nikes and Jordans (Word to the limited edition Air Assault 3's on my feet), it is very unlikely that you will see me in some Crocs... ever!

The matter at hand is actually a quote from ihatecrocs.com. "A website dedicated to eliminating Crocs and those who think that their excuses for wearing them are viable". I support that statement up until the latter of it. Human elimination is not acceptable (word to Ghandi),but one must protect himself as well as his "airs". Its a cold world, and if someone steps on your shoes, thats grounds to go a little farther than Spike in "Do the Right thing".

ihatecrocs.com interests me because of its message. I do not find the burning and/or cutting of crocs funny or entertaining. I actually think its kind of corny, but a message is a message. Spread the Gospel!

I dont mean this as an attack against Crocs inc or to influence anyone negatively to stop wearing or buying Crocs clogs. Just peep the site out, buy the shirt, support the cause (if thats your thing), to hell with it even fight the cause. Beauty is in the foot of the wearer (unless you have ugly toes!). Do what you do, wear what you wear. Style is an individual thing, you are fly in your own mind, or you think smart and economically.



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modemlooper said...

Hey i love my crocs!