Monday, May 14, 2007

How do I always get suckered into driving?

5 hours of driving, only two cigarettes, and some interesting conversations about threesomes.
That’s how my Vegas trip began.

First activity on the list was the Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity at New York New York. I had read about the show before hand but didn’t imagine it would be so breathtaking. Nudity, acrobatics, boy & boy, girl & girl, this show has it all. By the end you’re either repulsed or turned on. Being as I’m from L.A. I left wishing my boyfriend was with me.

Next stop was Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce at Mandalay Bay. I love burlesque so naturally I was excited about going. Well I didn’t quite stay long enough for the big performance but my fellow Groupster, Heather, & I ended up putting on our own performance on the main stage. I’m going to thank Heather’s “out going” personality for that. After the impromptu dance we headed up 64 floors to Mix at Mandalay Bay. If you want to see a great Vegas view, the balcony is the place to be. You can see the entire strip.

Day two was insane. We started off going on a tour of some the hotels. My legs were not happy about that. Tyler & I got back to Treasure Island & got ready for the second show, Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère. The show was dreamlike, suspenseful, funny, erotic, mesmerizing, & just lovely. I was on the edge of my seat during every acrobatic performance. After the show we headed over to Studio 54, at MGM Grand, to meet up with the other group. That club place is huge. It has 4 dance floors and bars and the second floor has several semi-private lounges. The disco ball was shining bright as girls and boys danced on platforms. It was a great way to start the evening.

Our next stop was Tabu at MGM Grand. It may be small but it’s decked out in all the new technology. It has state of the art lighting, sound system, special effects, and tables that ladies dance on. We didn’t stay long because we had two other clubs to go to.

Our third club was JET at the Mirage. Now that club is VEGAS. The main room was packed with sweaty bodies and the music was hot. I of course had to dance on the platform and try some maneuvers on the stripper poles. Finally we ended up back at TI but instead of calling it a night we had to check out Tangerine. The club isn’t that big but it has its perks. The patio is a breath of fresh air after being indoors all night. You can even watch the Siren’s of TI while dancing and sipping on a cocktail. Get there early though because the last show is at Midnight.

So after four clubs, about 6 or 7 tequila shots, and some events that I’ll leave out I called it a night. I woke up on my last day, got some room service, and picked everyone up. The trip back ended up taking about 6 hours.

Next time I’m flying.



melB said...

oh jet sounds fun, i should go to Vegas

Tim said...

You totally should go, it's the best destination this summer, going to be amazing! :]

Anonymous said...

'Out going personality'?? Thats sounds like an accusation :)

scabz said...

well look a her shes dancing on the bar!

Anonymous said...

she's a maniac maniac on the floor....!