Thursday, May 03, 2007

HD DVD Hex Key Crap Starts With 09 ends with . .

According to the AACS, if you are posting the HD DVD decryption code to unlock HD DVDs for personal bootlegging, then you are a whore. The AACS is putting its Lawyers up to the futile task to eliminate every single case of the hacked hexidecimal code (good luck with the thousands upon thousands of coverup cases).

To stop people from posting the hex key the AACS is pumping fear with threats of lawsuit and C&D letters (Most people are taking it as wolf tickets). So people continue to post the key with no fear of the threat, they also feel a sort of protection because of the large number of people posting the key. Its the Revolt on DRM & HD DVD!

The posting of the HD DVD hex key falls into a gray area of sorts. It cannot be copywriten, but it does "violate the DMCA's ban on trafficking in circumvention devices". So many people posted the code in stories on Digg that the site had to shut down from fear of getting what I call "hella sued". That was temporary, now digg is running normal, even still with the hex code stories.

More to come upon more understanding of this situation.



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