Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Earth, Now With Ambient Nature Noise

To give Google Earth an even more realistic feel, the guys at Google will be incorporating the "largest library in existence of natural sound" to the Earth software. Dr Bernie Krause ,big on the whole sounds of nature thing, traveled the world for the past 40 years collecting ambient noises. 3,500 hours of nature noises will be added to Google Earth, only if the beta version featuring 12 noises gets a good response from users.

"A picture tells a thousand words, but a sound tells a thousand pictures."
Thats what Dr Krause has to say about the sounds that will be layered over locations on the Google Earth map. When you zoom in on a certain point you can click a button that will play the sound of that location.

Things I want to hear:
1. The Nickerson Garden Projects in Watts, CA.
2. A man being mauled by a goat in the swiss alps.
3. Ambient noise fresh off the streets of Bangkok.


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