Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flatwire, Under the paint

Theres so few ways to wire your house up now. . . Psyche! Forget about the normal way, Flatwire skips the need to cut through walls and/or get an Electrician. Its electrical wiring thats super-thin, like sticker-thin! (pardon my excitement), so you can place the wires on your wall and paint over the strips leaving them out of sight.

"Now you can get a variety of types of wiring in this ultra-flat format, including high-voltage electrical, low-voltage lighting, Cat5e, coaxial cable, speaker wire, component video and HDMI/DVI." - Gizmodo
Whats their street value? $129.99 for 20 feet of video supporting cable and $44.75 for 25 feet of pure uncut flat speaker cable. here

via[gizmodo] -SAID

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