Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Elisabeth Hassleback Goes Nuclear On Rosie

Elisabeth Hassleback and Rosie O'Donnell like to fight on The View. When the topic of Iraq came up, Elisabeth exploded.

The heated discussion quickly got personal when Rosie demanded to know whether Hasselbeck really thought Rosie believed US soldiers were terrorists. In fact, producers went a split-screen to amp up the debate.

Name-calling ensued, with Rosie calling Elisabeth 'cowardly,' and Elisabeth spitting back that she's not 'poor little Elisabeth'.

Joy Behar finally asks with exasperation, 'Who's directing this show?! We need a commercial break! What is this, PBS?'

The View should have given her the $5 million she was asking for, this is ratings gold.

Rosie also announced yesterday on The View that Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' is her favorite song. Here is Rosie singing it while getting her face put on. She's too lazy to put on her own earrings.



modemlooper said...

maybe he can't say nuclear because he has a pretzel stuck in his pie hole!

Anonymous said...

beautiful singing

Tim said...

Ahahaha, choke!

Tim said...

Ahahaha, choke!