Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drunk Cat Keyboard Sheild

Those of you with cats know that they will walk all over your computer keyboard. Either tapping the keys with their paws, or flat-out laying down for a nap on your keyboard with total disregard for whatever you are typing aadfeniknhhn;goytetth (Dangit Niko!) and using the keys as a feline back massage. You dont have to whack Fluffy with the sunday paper because she exited out of your session of World of Warcraft anymore. PawSense solutionizes your situation with the Kitty Keyboard Kover. "Simple and Elegant" describes the acryllic sheild for your keyboard that will keep your cat from A-town stomping your keys.

A Cat typing detecting software is available for your Windows based computer also. It knows the difference between "human typing" and "cat typing" and blocks the latter by sensing the randomness of keystrokes and press pressure.


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