Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Drink Coffee Like A Hypocrite

The message is simple "Save a tree, use an animal" (not verbatim). Here we have “a stylish way to hug a tree every morning” , though the paper you are saving is only recycled cardboard, but you can rest assured that you are making less work for the recyclers.

You can get your cup sleeves in mock Tiger, Giraffe, and Chinchilla. I do not support the killing of animals for fur though, nor do I support the pimps who wear those super-cool fur coats (although they do look way cool in those coats with their big hats, canes, and gaudy jewelry. Word to Snoop Dogg).

I'm so riding with the pimp ass Chinchilla cozy!



1 comment:

eric said...

ahahah the chinchilla is amazing, style UP on starbucks!