Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Rosie, Shhhhh. Love, America

What ever happened to the "Queen of Nice"

Rosie O'Donnell who used to discuss issues such as cancer, depression and foster care? Her style of comedy has changed, and many Americans are disappointed.

1996 was Rosie's first appearance on television gave her the nickname "Queen of Nice" because of her interest in helping people and dealing with sensitive topics on live television. Her latest talk show has turned into one filled with controversy and adds fuel to the fire of many Americans. From her mockery of the Chinese Language in November 2006 to her ongoing feud with Donald Trump a month later, her battles never seem to end.

Recently, she called Elisabeth Hasselback a coward for not answering one of her questions on the show regarding the war. Elisabeth was on Season 2 of Survivor, The Outback. She became one of the most loved reality stars on television because of her relationship with an older man on the show and her genuine and kind behavior. Unlike Rosie, some people don't like to discuss such issues as American troops being called terrorists.

Congratulations, Rosie, you upset America again! As heated as Americans were with this argument, it brought the show its best ratings yet. So, maybe we really should congratulate Rosie because controversial behavior is only bringing in the dough.

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Anonymous said...

She is just putting on the table what the rest of the world thinks of us. Yes, we are attacking a country that did not provoke us. We have to stop think every turban wearing person has a bomb under their wraps. This government went after Saddam for the oil period!