Friday, May 11, 2007

Cowell To Vist Paris Pedal Pusher In Jail

During a paparrazi ambush
Simon Cowell said he would visit prison-bound Paris Hilton. He 'feels sorry for her.' Even Randy Jackson chimed in, 'crazy dude, she's a good girl, she'll get it together.' Is Paris biking to Nicole Richie's house now?

Our favorite celebutante- turn- criminal chose to get some fresh air while she still has the chance. What a brilliant photo-op, her new publicist rules.
She's been looking so awkward lately. Her look is getting stale, too much drunk driving.

Paris got a very public show of support this afternoon from some deeply concerned and passionate citizens of New York, all three of them.
The well-publicized rally in Greenwich Village fell just a little bit short of expectations, with just three protesters fighting the pro-Paris fight, calling her a victim and a martyr. They also carried signs saying Ike Was Right - Free Paris.




Joe said...

ahahhaha! her bike SUCKS

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's going to tip over.

Anonymous said...

there is an S on front for sux!

Tim said...

Her awkwardness is sexy.

Autumn said...

Yah right, Simon is lying.