Thursday, May 10, 2007

The cig-E-rette Mobile Device

The Golden Dragon Group is rolling straight out of China with attitude, packing batter powered devices that look like mini-flutes, and they sure do bear the words "Made In China". The mini-flutes are called Electronic Cigarettes, the black mouth peices go over the butt of your cigarette to make sure you are only getting a dose of nicotine in your mouth.

The E-Cigarette is said to block all the toxins in cigarettes, and only delivers you your much needed tremble-ending fix. The Golden Dragon Group aims to help aid smokers in quitting, but I think it gives smokers all the more initiative to smoke.

I mean whats so bad about smoking if theres no toxins? Well, you have to burn a $200 dollar hole in your pocket before you can get the e-cigarette, and I'm sure that nicotine just ain't good for you!

"The United States is our next target,"
-Miu Nam, executive director of SBT
Be on the lookout for the E-cigarette soon.



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