Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blake Takes Idol To Another Level

The Idols were coached by rocker Jon Bon Jovi this week, and performed his renowned musings last night. Jordin slipped up, Chris and Phil were consistently mediocre, Lakisha hit us back with a power balad, Melinda 'Tina Turner-ed', and Blake hit it out of the park with the most original Idol performance ever. You have to as least watch Blake's performance, I got chills. If you want an American Idol who is going to push musical boundaries, Blake is the one. Here are your Top 4:

Blake Lewis - Shot Through the Heart

Melinda Doolittle - Have a Nice Day

Jordin Sparks - Livin On a Prayer

Lakisha Jones - This Ain't a Love Song

Yours Truly, Tim

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1 comment:

Cha Cha said...

umm, yes Blake is the BEST!