Friday, May 18, 2007

Blake Is Trying Not To Win!

Vote For The Worst, who is partially responsible for Sanjaya's breakaway success, reports that after Idol Wednesday, a coin was flipped to find out who would sing first. Blake won, but decided to let the producers or Jordin pick. The winner almost always sings second, so the Wookie (Jordin Jorbacca Sparks) picked the second spot.

'Blake doesn't want to win, because he doesn't want to be attached to Idol for the rest of his life.'

Idol gives the Top 12 major exposure which helps them get record deals. Melinda, Lakisha, Blake and Jordin will all be successful in music. Sometimes the win can actually stifle their career and make them record an album where they have little artistic freedom. If they don't win they also have less contractual obligations with the show, and are likely to have more artistic freedom.

It will be an insane finale because:

'Everyone involved with the show is salivating over a Jorbacca win'.

Simon Fuller, please plan a Sanjaya and Haley duet. Please :]



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Jordin definitely topped Blake tonite.