Friday, May 04, 2007


KICSHAW is the name of Blake Lewis's former a cappella group which also includes: Jim Castaneda, Danny Figgins, Andy Marshall, and Dan Schumacher.

Blake Colin Lewis is the youngest member of KICKSHAW, however his musical abilities left the other three guys in amazement as he performed at his audition. He is a on tenor and vocal percussion for the group.

"Music seems to be hereditary in the Lewis family. Blake's mother was a professional singer for many years as was his grandfather. In the 8th grade, Blake toured with the Columbia Boys Choir through Europe. He continued with this choir for a couple of years and began singing in school choir as well. KICKSHAW is Blake's first professional musical endeavor. He graduated just last year from Inglemoor High School in the class of 1999."

So where did he get this talent for vocal percussion? Well, Blake has just listened to CD's and picked up this unique talent purely by ear. As a human beat box has been captivating people since the minute he set foot on stage. Keep on rockin Blake!

Yours Truly, Tim


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