Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Belgium Geek Tube

Sometimes the steps to the future are baby steps, and in Belgium is on the right path. I say that because you can only slide DOWN the tube for the time being. What I'm waiting for is to get that reverse action on, like Matt Groenings Futurama! Jump for more photos.

For Carsten Höller, the experience of sliding is best summed up in a phrase by the French writer Roger Caillois as a ‘voluptuous panic upon an otherwise lucid mind’. The slides are impressive sculptures in their own right, and you don’t have to hurtle down them to appreciate this artwork. What interests Höller, however, is both the visual spectacle of watching people sliding and the ‘inner spectacle’ experienced by the sliders themselves, the state of simultaneous delight and anxiety that you enter as you descend. (Tate Modern)

"I'm trying to land on my Segway"

Wheee!You nerds always know how to get around! but your not cool until you can make it work backwards and put a Belgium Waffle Maker in there too, no cigar.


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Tim said...

LA! Do you see this?