Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Vegas Loaded With Red Bull

After a very hectic drive to Vegas I dropped off my fellow Groupsters, and went to my room in The Excalibur. They recently remodeled everything, so it was nice to come to clean room with a gorgeous view from the 27th floor. After barely dropping my bags I ran out to see Lance Burton's magic show and headed to Mandalay Bay to meet my co-workers at Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce.

Forty Deuce
has a gorgeous interior. It’s small but intimate with leather chairs, a nice VIP section and a stage that wraps along the entire wall of the bar. After greeting everyone in our group and grabbing something from the bar I met one of the VIP hostess' there.
We talked for a little while and she convinced me, of all things to get up on stage and dance with several other girls from the audience before the show. The rest of the evening at Forty Deuce was amazing and the burlesque was really well done. I highly recommend stopping by Mandalay Bay to check it out.

The next night I went to see Cirque Du Soleil’s KA at the MGM Grand. Out of all the shows I have seen in my life, KA was by far one of the more mind blowing performances I have experienced. The costuming, lighting, make-up and sound are amazing. Rotating stages and a beautifully thought out story capture your attention the entire time. Even the easily unimpressed have to stop and let their jaws drop a little when it comes to this show. I know my fellow Groupster Serhat did, even if he pretended to be unimpressed.

You know you are in Vegas when you run into someone you know. As I wandered through the MGM Grand heading out to meet Groupster Ryan to go to Light at the Bellagio, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by someone yelling my name in the middle of the casino floor. Believe it or not I ran into the VIP hostess from the night before at Forty Deuce. She recognized me, invited me to meet her friend and have a drink and chat for awhile.

After that I headed to Light at the Bellagio which is a super busy club with hopping DJs, lights and for go-go boxes for people to dance on through the night.. Everyone who was in Vegas was partying and dancing there for the night and after a couple of hours we headed back to our hotel rooms. A couple clubs, a spectacular show and some new friends later I drove us back to LA just barely making it in one piece thanks to a whole lot of Red Bull. Talk about the Maximum Vegas experience!

xoxo Heather

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