Thursday, May 24, 2007

Backlash Over Giambi's Comments Continues

This Time at the Offices of Major League Baseball.

ESPN reports that Jason Giambi met with lawyers representing MLB Commissioner Bud Selig over comments made by Giambi in USA Today last week. For those sports fans that have been living under a rock (and with the Ducks in the Stanley Cup, I don't blame you), Giambi spoke candidly about steroids to USA Today last week, and his comments have MLB trying to figure out if they are actually an admission of wrongdoing. You can read Giambi's comments here...

This is not Giambi's first suggestion that he's taken banned performance enhancing drugs. In December of 2004, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the "Giambino" (as Yankees fans affectionately call him) admitted to a Federal Grand Jury that he had indeed taken steroids and human growth hormone, but because the testimony had leaked and was never publicly released, Major League Baseball could essentially do nothing. Since then, Giambi has received an additional six steroid tests a year.

Giambi declined to go into detail, saying I can't really talk about anything." Read more about the meeting here.

Regardless of Giambi's past, I strongly doubt MLB is using this as anything more than an excuse to go after him. Giambi's comments were spot on; baseball should apologize to its fans. Maybe Selig and Co. weren't handing out the steroids, but they certainly turned their backs to the problem and let guys like McGwire and Bonds juice up and take records that shouldn't belong to them. Doing steroids is wrong, cheating the game is wrong, and Giambi seems to be the only player willing to man up and lobby for the fans of the game.

Sources: ESPN, USA Today

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