Friday, May 11, 2007

20,000 people want Paris Hilton to rot in jail!!

"Yeah I was drinking and driving, so what, I'm rich and that's hot!"

it's been reported people, animals and inanimate objects worldwide can't stop laughing at Paris Hilton being sent to jail. I tried to fill my car with gas yesterday and couldn't, so the gas pump gave me a refund for all the gas my car laughed, choked on and spit on the pavement.

Why can't she face justice? Martha did. She went in early to save face. It made her seem humble and brought her down to the level of a basic woman. If Paris had a real publicist they would have told her to fess up to the mistakes and say she made bad choices. Paris has lost all credibility as a role model for young girls, oh wait that went out the window when sex tape #1 was released.

Get the full scoop here and sign the petition to send Paris straight to jail!

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Anonymous said...

Martha is hot in jail!!