Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Can Look Forward To GTA IV

Here's a little list of what you can expect from GTA IV.

If you haven't already, peep the trailer here.

The not-yet-released Game Informer tells us a little about Grand Theft Auto IV.

"Setting: re-created Liberty City (better mirrors real-world NYC; smaller "geographical mass" than San Andreas, but more densely populated)

  • MetLife building = "Getalife"
  • Statue of Liberty = "Statue of Happiness"
  • DUMBO = "BOABO" (Beneath the Offramp of the Algonquin Bridge Overpass
  • Area includes an adaptation of four of NYC's boroughs (no love for Staten Island), and a section of Jersey:
    • Manhattan = "Algonquin" (The Lenape did speak an Algonquin language from which our word "Manhattan" is derived)
    • Brooklyn = "Broker"
    • Queens = "Dukes" (a duke ranks just below a prince)
    • Bronx = "Bohan"
    • New Jersey = "Alderney" (also named for one of the British Channel Islands -- or a breed of cattle)
Main character: Niko Bellic; "Eastern European" ('cause who really keeps track of the countries over there?)
  • Niko is lured to Liberty by cousin Roman's suspicious emails (Roman claims to be living the American Dream: 2 women, 4 hot tubs, and 15 sports cars). Roman actually operates a run-down taxi depot in Broker and has gotten himself into a "load of trouble"
  • NEWS FLASH: "Many of Niko's activities revolve around being a criminal"


  • NPCs: lots of "non-American" characters, varied behaviors (e.g., shopping, drinking, smoking, chirping, hurrying, or just maxing on the stoop), "context sensitive," and dependent on environment; more freaks: "angry yuppies" and "lunatics"
  • Dynamic storyline: "A big part of the game is delivering story in new ways and allowing the player to plot their [sic] own destiny"; less of a sense of being a slave to NPCs' demands; communication is also dynamic (in person, by celly, etc.)
  • No planes; but motorbikes
  • Improved physics; characters' movements are influenced by weight and variations in physical terrain
  • Emphasis on night and day lighting
  • Seamless loading after initial boot (even between indoor and outdoor environments)
  • No details about targeting system -- but Rockstar claims to have found the new "sweet spot"
  • Voice casting will not focus on big-name stars; soundtrack will reflect 2007
  • Crime experts and ex-police have helped Rockstar create a realistic contemporary criminal atmosphere (i.e., it's not the 80s or 90s anymore; crime and crime-fighting have evolved)
  • Multiplayer confirmed; not MMO
  • Both Xbox 360 and PS3 version will 'likely' be identical; Xbox 360 version will include exclusive episodic content (what about PS3?)"

The misc. info gives me a good idea on how the gameplay will be. Tell me what you know about GTA IV, rumors and whatnot. Thanks Groupsters!

Courtesy of [Joystiq]x[GameInformer]


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