Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What The Duck?! Potty Mouthed Cuisine

I've never really gotten down with themed restaurants. The closest I've come would be Benihana, Sushi Dan, Luca's, Chuck E. Cheese. I've never paid a visit to that Medieval restaurant with the knights jousting & all that good stuff. I've heard of a restaurant back in Cleveland that purposely offers terrible/ grumpy service.

So, I'm not sure I'd be willing to eat at a bathroom-themed restaurant, but I can tell you about one!

If you ever find yourself in Motosinhos you should put your hands over your tummy and run to a restaurant called W'Duck. The Mediterranean and organic grub there is finer than the porcelain you will be seated on. A glass of toilet water will not be served to you and you are not allowed to do any more than sit on your commode. When you finish your meal or get a smudge on your cheek, you can wipe (FTB/BTF/STS) with a roll of TP.



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