Tuesday, April 10, 2007

TV Be Gone, Here's The Cons

According to
TSD, if you reduce or even eliminate your television time you will lead a more fruitful life. I'm not here to preach to you or anything, but TSD listed ten reasons TV just isn't all that good (not in an Eric Schlosser/Fast Food Nation way). The ways your life could improve are as follows:

Having a little extra money in your pocket. $60-$up can be put into life savings or something cool like that. Plus you save money on your power bill ($40??). You can buy your favorite episodes off iTunes or even rent seasons on DVD.

Commercials won't influence you to buy stupid random crap. Instead you can check the Groupster ^_^. (Just playing about stupid random crap!)

People don't usually work on their love life while watching Jay Leno on a Monday night. No TV means you won't be distracted from "getting busy" and you & your lover can watch each other instead of that episode of Dirt.

There's plenty of other things to occupy your TV time. I take college courses and acting class in the PM & even when I'm at home I'm not paying much attention to the TV. I'm probobly on AIM & reading Wikipedia.



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