Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sneakers Up!

I can't say "do you have these pumps in a size 12?" like Kelly, but "let's get some shoes" rolls off the tongue with such ease (minus the valley girl tone and lisp).

Nike Dunks are so versatile and the wide array of colors work well with my choice of wardrobe. Hoodies, T-shirts, Jeans (LRG, True Religion, 7's, etc.), and New Era fitted caps also come in many different colors that match my dunks.

My latest pickups are all general releases and the product of a belated B-day shopping binge, but still hot stuff that might not be available in your neighborhood.

This is my way of celebrating Easter! I found these Chocolate Easter Bunnies in a Nike box on my doorstep. These are too cool. $125 at Flight Club New York, but around $90 in stores.

Varsity maize/white-black, with no special name these are classified by their colorway. $105 at Flight Club. Also available at most shoe stores.

Black/white-quasar purple, colorway classified. The star crescent on the heel sets these apart from most general releases. $100 at Flight Club & most shoe stores.

The Holiday Plaids are more like a Gortex boot. I thought they were ugly at first, until I transformed them by switching the cream laces for the orange laces that came with them. $110 at Flightclub.

I'm looking forward to picking up:

Nike SB High Iron Tweed's. Probably $130 at UNDFTD for you lucky souls.

& The whole Maneki Neko Pack.

The low-tops from the whole pack. These are called the Get That Money Nike SB Dunk.

These hightops are also from the Neko pack. They are called the Feeling Lucky Nike SB Dunks.

I'll leave you all with the "SHOES" video by Kelly if you haven't seen it.

Until next time.


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