Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rumor: iPhones Bunk Battery

John Dvorak spends a lot of time hating on Apple. He has every right to do so just like any other consumer. I wonder if he has an iPod?

Dvorak declared war on the iPhone because he thinks it's going to hurt Apple. Maybe he just wants what's best for Apple, after all. It's like tough-love from Daddy or something.

Recently Dvorak stated he heard from a source that the iPhone battery loses juice in just 40 minutes. The source is a Cingular rep who also said that there are a lot of problems with the interface and with the phone in general.

Sadly, the battery thing sounds very plausible. Maybe not 40 minutes, unless it was 40 minutes talk time, but a weak battery on an Apple product isn't hard to believe. iPod batteries lose their ability to hold a good charge after about a year.



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