Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rentalman: LA's Real Life Superhero?

Have you seen Rentalman as you cruise the exhausting streets of Los Angeles? He's the dancing (on the sidewalk) superhero mascot for Westside Rentals, the leading rental finding service in Southern California.

Rentalman brings the fun back to LA, a place where people often take themselves way too seriously. All superheroes wear capes and Westside Rentals has designed a costume to enable Rentalman to move freely and energize people. In fact, he has run two marathons (LA & Carlsbad) this year in full costume.

CEO Anthony Yannatta said:

"Rentalman is truly unique to LA. His energy and non-stop motion help people and represent the hard-working individuals at Westside rentals. People see Rentalman and honk their horns. Busloads of people wave; he gets strangers to talk to each other. UPS and FedEX drivers, who are always on the move, stare in amazement at Rentalman's energy level."

Rentalman is an extension of Westside Rentals' grassroots marketing efforts and he has certainly developed awareness of the company. Westside Rentals was the originator of the "Rent Me" and "For Rent" T-shirts, that have since been adapted by GAP and American Eagle. Rentalman was at the Grammy awards, and, most recently, in front of the Pasadena court house to help Snoop Dogg when legal troubles forced him out of his house and left him needing rental.

You have to see Rentalman in person to truly grasp his energy level and perpetual motion. He brings a smile to drivers in a city where the streets overflow with motor vehicles and headaches. And, how many companies and even cities have their own superhero?

Westside Rentals]

Yours Truly, Tim