Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Posh & Jordan: Next Season's Dancing Stars?

Victoria Posh Beckham is 'seriously' considering an invitation to appear on the American Dancing With The Stars after seeing how splendidly Heather Mills has performed, even with her fake leg. Hopefully Posh can achieve similar success, even with two malnourished legs.

According to her friends, Posh was impressed how Mills was able to get America on her side. It inspired her to do the same since Americans are not familiar with her as a celebrity, reports Hollywood TV.

'We are halfway through the series and it has been massive. A lot is down to Heather,' an ABC source said. 'We really want Victoria. She's not very popular right now, like Heather wasn't. That's why she'd be perfect. Also, she might get pals like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez to watch her.'

It is also rumoured that Katie Jordan Price has approached DWTS producers about appearing on the next season alongside Posh.
Jordan and Posh dancing together on TV would be a greater gift than Heather Mills losing her leg during a swinging samba.

via[Yahoo! India]

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