Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ok, Disturbia, you disturbed me. . . but just a bit

The ads for Disturbia told me that Shia Lebouf playes a teen on house arrest who, though he could waste his time downloading pornography, spies on his creepy neighbor instead. The previews and posters depicted the movie as a freaky tale, but don't prepare you for the movie's humor. The film felt a little too cliche, and for a paranoia flick there were things that were pretty disturbing - like the tension that builds around the possible killing of one of the characters - but it also felt unrealistic and overdone with a happy ending that barely acknowledges that Shia was just swimming with 30 some odd corpses 10 minutes ago. Disturbia does some of what the name promises, but with all the jokes and giggles we're left with more potential for disturbance than the real thing.

So to be simple and short I impress upon you that Disturbia is cliche but decent (I guess). Plus it's better than Perfect Stranger.



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