Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New York New York, Nevada

Climbing out of your relaxing spa and into your king-sized bed after a crazy day of walking between hotels, shows, and clubs? That's Las Vegas life, and New York New York is the epitome of the Vegas experience.

The NY NY facade is a replica of the Manhattan skyline; Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Public Library, 150-foot Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They also built a super roller coaster running around the outside and into the hotel and casino itself. Check out the ride!

You will find a mini Greenwich Village when you enter NY NY via the Brooklyn Bridge (from the Strip); with cobblestone walkways, tenement-style buildings, and even the graffiti. There are 64 different room layouts with decor that is 40s inspired pale pastels, with dark, rich wood furniture. The picture above is my actual room, it was superb.

The casino area replicates Central Park including trees, a babbling brook, streetlamps, and cute footbridges. These bridges lead you to Starbucks, just like real New York! Thankfully there is Starbucks almost everywhere in Vegas, except it's more expensive, they aren't real Starbucks, the hotels dictate the prices like Barnes & Noble. Make sure you bring an ID when you use a credit card, otherwise you might be denied your morning coffee! The horror.

NY NY is also home to the topless and adults-only Cirque du Soleil production Zumanity. My fellow Groupsters said it was an erotic, sensual show of the human form. New York Style pizza, Starbucks, Zumanity; heaven rolled into one Hotel. It's a brilliant place to lose yourself, NY NY is Vegas at its best.

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Yours Truly, Tim

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