Monday, April 09, 2007

Julien Is My Nouvelle Star

If you think Sanjaya is the epitome of a charismatic singing star with a lackluster vocal range, you have not yet had the viewing and listening pleasure of Nouvelle Star's (the French "American Idol") Julien.

The thoroughly amusing audition above is only half as awe-inspiring as his jazzy, vocally timeless rendition of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'. We can only hope Julien can fly across the Atlantic to sing a duet with Sanjaya in the American Idol finale.

Yours Truly, Tim


Anonymous said...

omg he is AMAZING

Melissa said...

He completely rocks!!! I'm sharing this with all my American friends!!1

Lyly said...

You just can't compare Sangina to Julien, i'm French and i can see all the weeks how much this guy is talented ! He's got an amazing voice, don't judge him only on this Madonna's song performance! that :

And that

He has a unique and beautiful voice! This guy is amazing, everybody support him here! He must win because he's the best of this stupid tv show and he deserves to win !

Watch the videos and tell me what you think bout' it !

Feel free to answer me :