Monday, April 30, 2007

Jordin Knew Simon Before She Auditioned!

Was Jordin BFF with Simon before becoming an 'Idol'? Well, this picture was taken of Simon and Jordin three years ago. Details are unclear of the depth of their friendship, but it's clear they were acquaintances before Jordin auditioned for Idol. I'm a fan of Jordin Spark's talent, but her friendship with Simon could make her audition a sham.

Rumors are also flaring about Jordin's ulta-Christian conservative proclivity. She's all smiles on TV, but she's been linked to many conservative organizations and has performed at a Right to Left concert (anti-abortion). Her 'I love everyone' personality may turn evangelistic pushing a conservative political agenda after Idol is over. Your thoughts? Nonetheless, after her performance of I Who Have Nothing, I'm surprised Simon didn't sign her on the spot.

Yours Truly, Tim


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Cha Cha said...

i like jordin, sometimes she's looks gorgeous and other times she scares the HELL out of me

James said...

The reason she is all smiles is her relationship with the Living God, Conservatives and Christians, are the happiest people you will likly find. They like to help people, not by doing it for them, but by helping them learn to live for themselves, and eventualy doing what was done for them for someone else. Called "paying it forward"