Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Ganja-ya Overpowering Idol Gives Back?

Sanjaya's mom, Jillian Blith, used to be a 'pot-growing potentate'. Jillian was arrested February 2005 in Pierce County, Washington after they found 310 marijuana plants, and Sanjaya's sister Shyamali keeping watch with a bag of weed and 'smoking devices', in the Malakar family garage.

Shyamali, who was arrested for possession, directed the cops to another homegrown pot facility nearby, where they arrested Jillian and her husband, Charles Quist (Sanjaya's stepdad). Lucky for the Malakars, Jillian got off with a 30-day sentence. Hopefully this Ganja-ya scandal will die quickly. Think of the children, like Carrie Underwood.

Here is the Celine Dion and Elvis duet from last night's Idol, I thought it was lovely. No one was voted off, but two people are going home next week (Chris & Phil).

Yours Truly, Tim



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modemlooper said...

Reminded me of my heroes KRAFTWERK.
They had a concert in different cities across the globe and controlled the robots from germany.