Friday, April 06, 2007

Grindhouse Mania, Merch, and More

Tonight's the night for me and Grindhouse. It's one of those movies I know I've got to see immediately or I'll hear so much about it that I just won't care anymore. (That happened to me with Borat and I'm still sorry I didn't see it before every guy in every Starbucks felt compelled to act out, I swear, every scene from it in my presence.)

So, in preparation for the film tonight, let's look at some pictures and check out some stuff we can buy if it turns out we LOVE the double feature from those yummy hipster badboys of 'sploitation, R. Rodriguez and Q. Tarantino.

Here's Kurt Russell's badass car:

And here's a shirt you can buy that has that same skull and lightning bones on it:

There's lots more stuff available to buy from these guys here. (And that includes one gem of a t-shirt that says "If you can read this, the bitch fell off." Don't leave home without it!)

And for all you bookworms out there, the eager beaver directors have put pen to paper as well as, uh, hand to camera:

But this poster is my fave of all the marketing merch. Say what you will about the social ramifications of heroin horror chic, it's still pretty hot. And doesn't Marley Shelton look so much like Heather Graham here? It's those big eyes - they look innocent even when they're drowning in black makeup.

Okay, everyone, enjoy! I'll be back to trade thoughts on the movie after the weekend - or maybe even during.


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Anonymous said...

That Planet Terror poster is awesome.

The Groupster said...

Deathproof Owned! I caught it at the Bridge at 4 today.


Sasha said...

Yeah, they were both pretty awesome. I was expecting to love Death Proof a lot more than Planet Terror but they were both great.

Tim said...

The machine gun leg is BRILLIANT.